Fibroblast is designed to improve skin tone and texture, giving it a brighter, more contoured and more youthful appearance, tightening sagging skin and reducing the appearance of loose skin around the jaw. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles are reduced, hyper pigmentation and discolouration can reverse and more severe skin complaints such as actinic keratosis acne scaring and seborrheic keratosis treated effectively. – Purebeau®


The superficial points are strategically placed ensuring minimal downtime, achieving amazing lifting & tightening of excess/loose skin – without surgery!

The small dot carbon deposits on the skin dry up & flake off within 4/5 days and skin continues to heal & tighten over 4 weeks – naturally producing collagen & elastin improving the overall appearance and texture of the skin*.


Popular pen methods:

New treatment prices include a top-up at 6-8 weeks apart.
Upper Eyelid Lift - £350.00
Under Eye Lift - £350.00
Crow's Feet - £250.00
Farrow Frown Lines - £200.00
Forehead Lines - £200.00
Nasolabial Fold - £250.00
Jowls - £400.00
Full Non Surgical Face Lift - £450-£700.00
Mini Non Surgical Face Lift - £350.00
Neck Lift - From £450.00
Décolletage - From £650.00
Stomach - From £500.00
Upper Lip - £250.00
Lower Lip - £250.00
Chin - £350.00
Skin Tag Removal / Pigmentation Spots - From £50.00
Scars / Acne Scars - From £150.00

Discounts available for multiple area bookings.